About Sabbath School On The Move

This supportive ministry seeks to make the Sabbath school study a relevant and important part of spiritual life by providing actual class discussions in audio format, accompanied by study sheets written by Dr. Jonathan Gallagher. In this way class members become far more involved in discussing vital spiritual issues, particularly focusing on the nature and character of God in the setting of the Great Controversy. By centering the focus on a “free, conversational study of the Scriptures,” Sabbath School On The Move contributes to both the growth and development of individual members and also a wider and more dynamic involvement in the fundamental message and mission of the church.

At the heart of Sabbath School on the Move are the actual discussions, facilitated by Dr. Jonathan Gallagher Recorded at different locations, Sabbath School On The Move is made available free via the Internet to all, providing a rich resource for those teaching the lesson as well as those wishing to be more deeply informed about the subjects presented by the lesson. It is particularly useful to those who for various reasons are not able to attend Sabbath school in person, and provides a “virtual community” to members who can then experience the sense of belonging and participating in the wider church around the world.

This ministry is funded through the gifts of those who are committed to the vision of a Bible-based, intelligent faith that finds its meaning and purpose in the Word of God. It is truly supportive of the church by its very mission that seeks to make Sabbath school an integral and essential part of the spiritual life of all who participate. Sabbath School On The Move is a ministry provided by the Free Bible Ministry, a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Maryland.

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